Pôr Do Sol Restaurant

The Azores

Copyright: David Stanley/Flickr

Pôr Do Sol Restaurant

At a superb remote location, on a cliff in the paradisiacal Flores island, Pôr Do Sol Restaurant is Europe's most Western restaurant. Come here for typical dishes of the island such as sausage, black pudding, yams, sweet potato, among others--all in a welcoming environment with a beautiful sea view. Be sure to book a table in advance as it gets quite busy.


Food lovers will appreciate the varied cuisine of the Azores. For example, if you like fresh fish, then these islands will make for the perfect holiday. The “Cozido” das Furnas is one of the most emblematic dishes of the island of São Miguel--cooked beneath the earth in near the Furnas Lake. Several ingredients are placed in a pot that is buried next to the hot water springs. It takes about five hours to cook through natural heat that seeps up, produced by volcanic activity. Tasting “Cozido” das Furnas is an unforgettable experience for all visitors of the island. Main courses and sweet puddings come in many varieties, and fine cheeses are locally produced, particularly on São Jorge Island. Home-grown fruit includes pineapple and tropical passion-fruit, while perfumed green tea is grown on the island of São Miguel. When it comes to complementing your meal with a drink, be sure to try the local red and white wines, plus the firewater (aguardente) from Graciosa Island, Biscoitos from Terceira Island and of course the “verdelho” wine from Pico.