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Choosing the Right Region

San José del Cabo is the closest to the international airport, and it's here that you'll be farthest from the crowds that gravitate toward downtown Cabo San Lucas's fiesta atmosphere. These towns have retained their Mexican colonial roots and are the most charming of Los Cabos region. Some boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts lie in or near the town centers of these very walkable towns, and others are more remote. For high-season stays, try to make reservations at least three months in advance, and six months in advance for holidays. Precious few lodgings serve travelers on a budget.

The Corridor—the stretch that connects San José with Cabo San Lucas—has seen the growth of several megaresorts. These microcosms contain two or more hotels, throughout which golf courses, private villas, and upscale condo projects are interspersed. If you are planning a vacation in Los Cabos, do keep in mind that most of the beaches at the resorts along the Corridor are not swimmable.

Cabo San Lucas continues its meteoric climb into the 5-star stratosphere. Nearly every hotel in Cabo has undergone some kind of renovation, from minor to complete makeovers. The ME Cabo by Meliá is one such example. When Casa Dorada Resort opened, smack in the middle of busy El Médano Beach, it raised the bar in regards to rooms, services, and pampering, and Capella Pedregal and Grand Solmar Land’s End have set a new high standard.

The rate of development in the area is astonishing, and begs the question of sustainability. As developable space in Los Cabos region diminishes and becomes prohibitively expensive, the newest expansions are moving beyond the Sea of Cortez coastline north of San José del Cabo, known as the "East Cape," and north of Cabo San Lucas along the Pacific coast. For years, building restrictions have been discussed, but money talks in every language. The only "restrictions" seem to be how much actual land is left.


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