Free River Cruise for Frontline Heroes

Exclusive HERO offer from our partners at Ama Waterways River Cruise Line

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Update as of October 16, 2021:

We have a wonderful relationship with AmaWaterways as one of our most trusted business partners in the travel industry.

AmaWaterways is providing Nicks Easy Travel with an expedited approval process for receiving your free cruise voucher, if you choose to book with us.

This is bypassing the form that you would normally submit online on their consumer website.

If you would like to book with us, we will submit your work badge and information directly to Ama on your behalf and we'll receive an instant approval so you will not need to wait the standard 7 business days to be approved for your free cruise. This will allow us to confirm your booking more efficiently and get you ready for your vacation ASAP.

We appreciate you choosing to do business with us! We're a pharmacist-owned travel agency and are here to be your advocate and best travel resource.

What Is The Offer?

Ama Waterways is the top-rated river cruise line operating in Europe. They have graciously extended their FREE Frontline Hero river cruise offer for all EUROPE sailings in 2021 and select 2022 Europe sailings in March and April.

There are terms and conditions, which are listed below. Please review this portion as this will answer the majority of your questions.

Am I Eligible?

There are different terms and conditions and eligible professions based on the year the sailing takes place.

2021 sailings are more lenient with professions that may be approved.

Eligible professions for 2021 Europe sailings:

  • Physicians
  • PAs
  • NPs
  • Nurses and nursing-related professions
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Hospital staff
  • Lab technicians
  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • EMS/Paramedics/First Responders
  • Teachers
  • NOTE: 911 dispatchers and social workers I was told directly by Ama you will likely be approved for 2021 sailings, but unlikely to be approved for 2022 sailings

Eligible professions for 2022 Europe sailings:

  • All professions listed above EXCEPT the following
  • Teachers
  • Police officers

Why Sail With AmaWaterways?

How Much Does A Typical 7-Day Ama Cruise Cost?

With the Frontline Hero offer applied and having 2 guests in a cabin, you can expect to pay on average from $2,500 to $3,600 per person.

Some sailings may be closer to $2,250. Most sailings average close to $3,000 per person.

Again, this is the pricing with the Hero offer applied. 

If you will be traveling solo and not sharing a cabin with a companion, the Hero offer will waive the single supplement. This means you'll pay the standard rate for 1 guest, but will not be charged the single supplement.

How Many 'FREE' Travelers Can Travel In Each Cabin?

  • Max of 1 traveler per cabin using the FREE cruise voucher.
  • The other guest in your cabin must be paying. You cannot have 2 travelers in the same cabin that are using the free river cruise voucher
  • If traveling solo in a cabin, Ama Waterways will waive the single supplement 
  • If traveling with multiple companions that are eligible for the FREE Hero offer, we strongly recommend you find a companion to share a cabin with
  • PRO TIP: Ask a friend, colleague or companion to join you for the best value.  You can offer to pay 50% of your traveling companion's cruise fare so that you both essentially are receiving 50% off.

Will I Be 'Nickel and Dimed' To Death Once Onboard?

No. Ama Waterways includes a TON of value. They include more than the majority of all river cruise line competitors.

Is Ama Waterways All-Inclusive?

They are nearly all-inclusive.

Open-bar with exquisite wines, local beers and unlimited soft drinks and specialty coffees daily at lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the only meal you will need to pay for cocktails and soft drinks.

Ama will have a daily sail away cocktail hour with open bar as well. This is included.

All meals are included in your fare.

Bicycles will be provided in each port, complimentary. You're welcome to explore on your own OR join a guided tour with your cruise directors. These are complimentary.

You'll have up to 6 tours in each port of call to choose from that are already included in your cruise fare. There are some experiences, like a private theater in Vienna for Ama guests, that may be extra. 

Which 2022 Sailings Are Eligible?

You can click here for a full list of HERO eligible sailings in March and April of 2022:

Can You Help Us Coordinate and Book Travel Insurance, COVID Testing, Flights, Hotel, Transfers and Anything Else We Need?

Yes, absolutely!

We're a full service travel agency. We will help you as much as you need. If you prefer to book your own air or use airline rewards points, you're more than welcome to do so. We can do anything you need.

We don't require you book anything else with us if you don't want to.

What Information Do You Need To Get Started?

# 1 I'll need your badge or a business card proving your profession.

# 2 You'll need a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity on the expiration date beyond the final day of travel.

# 3 You'll need to be fully vaccinated in order to board the ship. This includes children. There are no exceptions to this policy at this time.

# 4 Click the button below to submit our New Trip Inquiry Form

# 5 Once your free voucher is approved, we can book you on a sailing of your choice 90 days or less away from departure date.

Next Steps

Ready to get approved for your voucher and plan your trip?

We're a pharmacist-owned travel agency and are here to advocate for you and support you 100% of the way from now til after you return home. We treat all our clients like our patients. 

Did someone say castles, culture and history along the Rhine River?

Frequently Asked Questions

ama waterways frontline hero free cruise offer

Do I Need To Be Fully Vaccinated To Travel?

Yes. All guests, including children, must be fully vaccinated in order to board the ship. Ama is not allowing any exceptions at this time.

Can kids sail on Ama Waterways?

Yes! Their policy allows age 4 and up on the day of departure. They recommend age 8+ because there are no exclusive 'kids clubs' or kids activities onboard.

Can you help me coordinate flights, accommodations, transfers, fun activities and experiences? And a pre/post cruise stay if I want to stay longer?


We're a full service travel agency. Nick is a pharmacist and owns the business. He left his pharmacy career earlier in 2021 and works full-time on the travel business now. We can build and design your trip around your tastes and preferences. We rarely sell 'packages' and design everything around you.

Myself and Family Are Physicians, Firefighters and Teachers. Can We All Cruise Together And Use The FREE Hero Offer?

Ama Waterways will allow a max of 1 traveler per cabin to use the FREE Hero voucher. The other guest in the cabin must be paying for their cruise. You cannot have 2 guests in the same room using the free voucher.

If you have multiple traveling companions that are eligible, we recommend pairing the guest with the free voucher with another guest that is not eligible. This will maximize the savings you receive.

My partner and I are both eligible and we'd like to bring our teenagers with us. Can we do this?

Yes. We will book you and your partner in separate rooms so you both can travel with the free voucher. Each of your kids will pay the standard price and will each be assigned to one of your rooms so you can maximize the Hero offer.

What do you mean by 'Free' river cruise? 

Eligible frontline heroes' base cruise fare will be paid for by AmaWaterways if traveling in a cabin with another paying guest. If traveling solo in a cabin, your single supplement will be waived.

Complimentary sailing is equal to the cruise only portion of the full fare paying guest, sharing the same stateroom.

Offer excludes stateroom categories A+, AA+ and Suites.

Offer is valid on new individual bookings only, based on double occupancy and applies to any 2021 Europe sailings and select 2022 sailings in Europe in March and April.

Offer is not eligible for Ultimate Cruise Flexibility and is not combinable with other promotional offers or industry rates.

Offer is limited to availability, capacity controlled and subject to change/termination without notice.

Port charges, optional land programs, visas, airfares and gratuities are additional. 

Please review the full terms and conditions of this offer on Ama's website here:

What costs will I be responsible for?

Port taxes and fees (average $196 per person for a 7-day sailing) and gratuities to onboard staff (average $125 per person). 

Additionally, flights and transportation to the destination and any pre/post cruise experiences you would like. 

Where can I find a list of what's included, like Wi-Fi, and what I should expect when cruising with Ama Waterways?

Click here for a full list of FAQs for sailing with Ama.

What If I'm Traveling Alone?

Solo travelers will receive Single Supplement Waived in lieu of complimentary sailing.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled and I miss boarding the ship on embarkation day?

You can always travel to the next port of call and catch the ship there. Ama does allow this. You'll need to contact the ship directly to inform them you'll be joining them at the next port.

If you book with Nicks Easy Travel, we will coordinate all of this for you so you don't need to worry about anything.

How Long Will This Offer Last?

Offer can be withdrawn at any time.

Ama Waterways originally was going to end this offer on December 31st, 2021. They graciously extended the offer into select sailings in March and April of 2022.

Where Can I Find More Info On Eligible Itineraries and Ships With Ama Waterways and the Frontline Hero Offer?

The hero offer can be found here:

Make sure you select the 2021 or the 2022 button along the top. This webpage will default to year 2021

What's the best way to contact you for more info?

If you're ready to submit the approval form, the best way to get started is by clicking the link here:

Give us as much info as possible.

If you need help or have a question, please email us at:

Our personal cell phone is 518-955-4027. Please use this as a last resort if you need to get ahold of us as we received significantly more inquiries for the Hero offer than we anticipated.