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Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store that solves the pain of high roaming bills by giving you access to 190+ e-SIM cards (digital SIM cards) globally at affordable prices.

No more wasting time finding local retail outlets in-destination to buy local SIM cards for the country you're visiting! 

  • Purchase your eSIM from anywhere
  • Get connected in 190+ countries and regions around the world
  • No hidden fees and entirely prepaid
  • Our support team is available 24/7 every day across all time zones

Click here to learn more about Airalo'.

easiest way to buy an e-SIM card when traveling

Solis Lite Global Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot

best wifi hotspot device when traveling solis lite

Solis Lite is a portable hotspot device that offers plans and pay-as-you-go options. Global Wi-Fi in 130+ countries. No SIM cards needed!

Conveniently pack it for every trip.  Don't leave home without it!

You can even use this on your cruise ship balcony when in-port and near the coast line.

Click here to take a look at Solis' website.


ExpressVPN is the easiest app to use on your phone and computer to safeguard and encrypt your internet connection when traveling.

  • Take charge of your online privacy and security with best-in-class encryption
  • Turn on and off with a single click
  • Connect reliably from anywhere, to anywhere. Our network of high-speed servers across 94 countries puts you in control
  • Keep your personal information more private and secure
  • Phone, tablet, computer, router—no matter where you are or what devices you’re using, a single ExpressVPN subscription has got you covered

Click here for more info on using ExpressVPN.

best vpn to use when traveling express vpn

Luggage Shipping with Luggage Free

Luggage Free is the easiest way to ship your luggage around the world to cruise ships, resorts and more.

  • Relax, when you ship it with us, we guarantee it will arrive on time or there will be no charge and will give you up to $500 per bag to make it right.  
  • It's the best luggage shipping guarantee in the world, period.
  • We also offer $500 of complimentary insurance on every shipment with additional coverage options available up to $10,000. You get white-glove service, great rates, and peace of mind.

Click here to learn more and create a quote with Luggage Free.

Google Fi is the most flexible mobile phone plan, especially when traveling internationally. No more roaming fees when using data abroad!

  • Google Fi plans are designed to fit your data usage.
  • You can choose to pay only for the data you use, or go unlimited—all without contracts or hidden fees.
  • You can make calls to other countries at little to no additional cost.
  • Get international texting from the US included free.
  • On Unlimited Plus and Flexible, you're also covered with international data in 200+ destinations at no extra charge.
  • On Fi, you always get unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited texts to other countries, calls to Canada and Mexico included free, and affordable calls to other countries.

Click here to learn more about using Google FI for a more flexible mobile network.

Schwab's checking account is one of the best hidden secrets in the travel industry.

  • Simply open a new checking account with Schwab
  • Electronically transfer funds into the account
  • Use their ATM card and be rebated all ATM fees from any VISA ATM machine anywhere in the world at the end of your banking statement
  • No monthly fees, no minimum account balance and no hidden monthly or annual fees

Click here to learn more about using Schwab's checking account and free ATM benefit.

Flytographer is the easiest platform to search and hire a high-quality photographer in-destination while traveling in every major city across the globe.

  • Request your date
  • Receive confirmation within 48 hours
  • Book your shoot
  • Finalize shoot plan
  • Meet up with your photographer 10 minutes before your shoot to go over your goals, and then it's all about having fun on your session
  • Within five days after your shoot, you will receive your beautiful gallery in your inbox

Occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, family holidays, solo adventures and even surprise proposals are perfect moments to capture – or simply because you believe that memories are the best souvenir and connecting with a local is part of the magic of travel.

  • Most clients book a 60-minute shoot. 
  • Pricing starts at $285 USD.

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