Tahiti and Bora Bora: Cruise Or Travel By Land?

What’s The BEST Way To Travel To Tahiti?

Why Not Cruise All-Inclusive Without The Crowds?

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous over-the-water bungalow and diving straight into the water. But is there better value in traveling via ship?

paul gauguin ship best option

Courtesy of Paul Gauguin Cruises

But, did you know?

There are some phenomenal cruise options with several overnight port stops in Bora Bora and Mo’orea? And all-inclusive amenities…

With only 335 passengers. 

Wait… What?

Best beaches in bora bora

Courtesy of Paul Gauguin Cruises

Overnight port stops?? YES!! We’re not kidding!

Mo’orea, Tahiti

Experience moorea on all inclusive cruise

Source: Pixabay, Michelleraponi

Here’s Our TOP 13 REASONS An All-Inclusive Cruise Is The Best Value Journey Through Tahiti:

  1. Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles to Tahiti.
  2. All drinks, meals, wine, champagne, bottled water, coffee and Coca-Cola…
  3. Staff gratuities.
  4. Onboard Wi-Fi.
  5. Roundtrip airport and pier transfers.
  6. 24-hour room service.
  7. Mini-fridge in room with beer, bottled water and soft drinks.
  8. Onboard and off-ship entertainment with local Polynesian performers.
  9. Non-motorized watersports, paddle boarding and kayaking.
  10. Classic 7-day Tahiti cruise itineraries include an overnight stop in magical Bora Bora as well as Mo’orea. These are the most desired stops in Tahiti!
  11. Private island afternoon on Motu Mahana on the nearby island of Taha’a. Includes BBQ, full bar service, water sports and local cultural events… All included.
  12. White sand beach in Bora Bora to enjoy as much volleyball and snorkeling as your heart desires.
  13. Departing Tahiti on a late red-eye flight post-cruise? Your day hotel in Tahiti, transfers and city tour of Papeete will be included so you can enjoy your final day in paradise in comfort

Holy cow… What’s NOT to love about this??

Yes, you can kayak and paddleboard from the back of the ship off the watersports platform.

kayak from the back of the ship of paul gauguin tahiti

Courtesy of Paul Gauguin Cruises

We always recommend to our clients to book the Land and Sea packages together to gain the most value from your trip to Tahiti. If you book the cruise-fare only, you will not have these wonderful pre and post cruise amenities included.

Experience The Local Polynesian Culture

Local entertainment is fused perfectly, both onboard and off the ship. There is no shortage of feeling like you’re traveling like a local.

polynesian culture tahiti cruise

Courtesy of Paul Gauguin Cruises

Prefer the over-the-water-bungalow experience? You still can!

Combine the cruise with a pre or post-cruise experience for several days to get the absolute best experience. Can you picture yourself here?

It’s time to truly immerse yourself in the bungalow experience we know you’ve been waiting for.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

best way to travel to bora bora

Pixabay, Julius_Silver

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