Franck Bistrot



Franck Bistrot

When you walk into Franck, you will immediately notice the private ambience of this French bistro. The attentive staff serve delicious French food, with dishes like foie gras, le poulet rôti" (roast chicken) and la cote de boeuf (imported Australian steak) offered up in a romantic setting. The restaurant also has its own wine cellar with 300 labels.


The Chinese like to eat, and Shanghai is a city where this characteristic national trait finds its ultimate reflection. From chic and elegant international restaurants to local dumpling joints, Shanghai is where you can easily eat your way around the globe. Whether you like your portions exquisitely presented or prefer a tangled mountain of noodles, you will find it all here. A note on tipping: it’s officially prohibited in China. While it has become usual to tip tour guides on organised outings, it is not common to tip taxi drivers or the staff of bars and restaurants.