Travel Agent Assistant

Want to work in the travel industry but don't want to worry about the marketing component and finding your own clients?

Work as an assistant in our travel agency!

Help us research and build trips

Flights, Resorts & Hotels

Ocean Cruises and River Cruises

All-Inclusive Resorts 

Safaris, Tours, Excursions and Experiences

Assistant Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Support our back office and admin work virtually
  • Understand the business side of the agency and optimize commissions and trip value
  • Downloading and uploading trip invoices (agency copy and client copy) to Google Drive, Travel Joy CRM
  • Submit client payments to appropriate travel vendors they are booked through
  • Research destinations, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, cruise itineraries, tours and excursions
  • Create client quotes by building trips with multiple tour operators to find the best value, inclusions and price for the client
  • Review group trip clients and audit for accuracy
  • Logging new bookings into host agency CRM (TESS)
  • Auditing trips prior to departure for accuracy 
  • Confirm booked vendors, hotels, transfers, tour providers directly prior to client arrival
  • Building and researching various hotels, resorts and cruise options for clients
  • Managing group trips and group clients
  • Sending client travel waivers and forms prior to travel (covid waiver and travel insurance acknowledgement)
  • Obtaining client passports prior to departure
  • Excursions, tours and concierge requests: researching, booking and confirming client requests
  • Obtaining client flight reservations
  • Loading trip details and confirmations into AXUS travel itinerary app
  • Monitoring flights and travel changes and cancellations
  • Communicating pre-travel information to client via Travel Joy CRM


Technology, Tools and Software We Use:

  • Travel Joy CRM
  • Google Drive
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Maps
  • Slack
  • SEAWEB (cruise booking engine)
  • Espresso/Cruising Power (cruise booking engine)
  • POLAR (cruise booking engine)
  • SEAWARE (cruise booking engine)
  • MSCbook
  • World Agent Direct
  • VAX Vacation Access
  • American Airlines Vacations
  • Vacation Express
  • Journese 
  • Classic Vacations
  • Bedsonline
  • TBO Holidays
  • Room-Res
  • Travel Leaders Network (Agent Universe platform)

Hours and Starting Pay:

  • Likely 2 hours daily plus additional time for building client quotes
  • Starting pay: $13/hour for travel agents with experience using the above booking engines and software as well as experience quoting, booking and closing travel sales
  • Starting pay: $10/hour with no experience 
  • This will be a 1099-independent contractor role (not an employee)
  • Must be US citizen and located in the USA

Growth and Direction:

  • We're ideally looking for an active travel agent, airline employee or cruise line reservation specialist that has experience quoting, booking and managing travel
  • This will ideally be a long-term relationship with our agency with many opportunities for growth and expansion
  • If sales and commissions increase with your support, we may be able to offer additional compensation via commission split as well as hourly rate of pay for reaching specific sales benchmarks

How To Inquire

Email Nick at with the following details:

  • Are you currently an actively working travel agent?
  • Why you want to do this
  • What your current schedule, responsibilities and availability look like
  • What experience you have in the travel agency, airline or cruise line industry
  • Examples of technology and software you've used from the above list (or GDS experience)
  • Experience you have when things change often or are chaotic, unexpected and unpredictable
  • Example of how you've had to think 'outside the box'
  • List which destinations and types of trips you've personally traveled to (cruises, river cruises, safari, resorts, all-inclusives, tours, etc,.)
  • Have you completed my Travel Agent 101 online course at ?

Preference given to actively registered travel agents in the USA that are competent in the booking engines and technology we use on a daily basis (see above section for tech we commonly use).

I look forward to hearing from you!


Last updated July 31, 2023